Ramsele Konferens & Forskarcentrum
Ramsele Konferens & Forskarcentrum
Ramsele Konferens & Forskarcentrum

Ramsele Konferens & Forskarcentrum

Welcome to Forskarcentrums conference-facilities for courses, conferences & genealogy in a building with unique architecture , and an atmosphere that arouses curiosity.

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Anzahl der Konferenzräume : 4

Antal grupprum : 3

Max antal i biosittning : 70

Max antal i skolsittning : 30

Antal personer i största lokal : 70

Number of seats: 180

  • Frühstück inbegriffen
  • Abendessen
  • Lunch
  • Local food
  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Buffé
  • Uteservering
  • Restaurant

  • Parkplatz
  • Handikapparkering
  • Parkplatz für Bus


The building is a mixture of light, air, water and wood, and other natural materials which gives you a comfortable feeling.There's a magnificent view of Faxälven.
There is also a restaurant serving everything from coffee to lunch and dinners.

Conference YELLOW Max 25 persons
Conference BLUE Max 30 persons
Boardroom up to 10 pax
Auditorium at 70 seats

There's qualified technical equipment you may use at your conference.

Call / visit the website for more information

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