Skulebergets Linbana

The cableway takes you to the top of Skuleberget mountain with breathtaking views of the High Coast of Sweden.

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  • Det goda livet
  • Family
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Environmentally friendly

Suggested visit length: <1 timme

Stunden : Monday-Sunday, 10am to 4pm. You have to get down from the top before 4pm.

Preis: Visit website for fees.

  • Parkplatz


During summertime you can take the cableway to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view. The trip takes about 10-20 minutes depending on how many is getting on or off. There's a restaurant and café at the top where you can buy simple dishes for lunch or "fika".

There are also a hiking trail in a loop around the top. About 900 meters long and marked with red markings.

The cableway will be closed if heavy winds or stormy weather.

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