Gravhögarna i Holm

The burial mounds in Holm and Björkå

Rich antiquities from the iron age shows that the are has been used during a long time. Here you can walk in beautiful enviroment and be inspired by our cultural heritage.

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Suggested visit length: 2-3 hours <1 hour


Surrounding Holm there's an open agricultural landscape with manors that has been around since the 1500 and with a mainbuilding from 1700. The Björkå field is Ångermanlands biggest high burial ground and Holm is the countys most monumental high burial grounds. in the are there's a trail that connects the burial grounds to each other. In Holm lies also Norrlands only manor farm with the possibilities to hike through the beautiful surroundings following the river or follow trails up on the Holmmountain.

The burial grounds in Holm consists today of 15 visible graves. In the most curious grave a woman had been buried inside a timbered chamber.with her she had a horse and some rich gifts such as glasspearls and arabian silver coins. This is very rare in Sweden and only were made for the most noble in the society, wich often were men.

Björkå burial ground is Ångermanlands biggest burial ground with 50 preserved hills. The dating is just like Holm burial grounds - migration period to viking age. One of the most interesting graves contains a skeleton grave with no gifts. The dead, a man at the age of 30, lies weird enough on his stomach and is missing his right hand and foot. who was he? did he get punished for something?