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Church stables in Nordingrå

Following the old road down towards Vågsfjärden stands today 12 church stables.
It is believed that it originally stood 60-70 stables here. They were formerly used by the church visitors who went to church by horse. Many had a long way and at cold and bad weather needed the horses to come in under the roof. During winter did the road go over the lake Vågsfjärden and ended here. Either had a farm his own stables or shared it with others.
In the 1920s - and '30s began horses driven out of the cars and the stables were used more and more as cargo warehouses. Over time, they came from active use and began to decay. On the initiative of the church council was 12 stables renovated in the early 1980s. The stables displayed to the public is room for 4 horses.

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