Dalsberget is the highest mountain in Nordingrå with its 333 meter high. It is also the area's only skullcap mountain. This means that up on the vast summit there is a world of its own with bogs, ponds and forest.

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Suggested visit length: 2-3 hours

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The trail is 3 km long and starts in the village Mäland at the foot of the mountain. There you can find a small parking lot. There are 5 viewpoints and they are marked, as well as the trail, with blue signs. The path is sometimes steep but you do not need to climb.
Along the path there are benches and plenty of nice outcroppings where you can rest. There are also fireplaces and at the top a small cabin that is open to the public. You who use the cabin are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and leaving the cabin in good condition.

The signs marking the path have the same blue color as the World Heritage Trail, but it is an independent trail. The blue color helps you find all the way up and marks both the path and the five viewpoints.

You can find more information on Dalsberget's website, see link above.

Dalsberget is Nordingrå's only calott mountain. Calotten was an island in the sea that was formed after the last ice age and still has its layer of moraine where forest grows. The rest of Nordingrå was under water. Trees that were slowly shaped by the special conditions at the high altitude, small fine stones and plenty of mushrooms and berries.

Dalsberget is considered botanically rich. Among other things, they have observed the mountain bramble on the slope and the wood violet at the small trickle from the pond between the two peaks of the mountain. Copper pyrite has been found in Dalsberget. A mining facility was inaugurated on 29 January 1909 and named "Dalsgruvan no. 1". No mining ever started, because the deposit was too weak.

Photographer: Mikael Arvidsson