Hälsans stig med parkbänk 26 maj 2012
Hälsans stig med ån 26 maj 2012
Hälsans stig med ån 26 maj 2012
Hälsans stig med ån 26 maj 2012
Hälsans stig med ån bredvid 26 maj 2012

Hälsans Stig

A scenic trail in a varied environment with every kilometer marked. Get on anywhere you want and count yourself how many kilometers you have walked.

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The path is safe and close so you can easily take a walk. Did you know that research shows that regular physical activity makes exerciser, physically speaking, younger.

Hälsans stig can be used by both the Sunday walkers and workout people, preschool classes and pensioners. The heart and Lung compound in Kramfors has together with Kramfors Municipality and the EU project Nästa Kramfors developed a distance of 4 km around Kramforsån and through the center. On the municipal website is more information and a map of the trail. You can also visit Komin Costumer Service at Torggatan 2 in Kramfors to get some information and a map over the trail.

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