CBIS 5073730
CBIS 5073730
På väg till Rotsidan
Rotsidan is a 4 km long coastline with beautifully polished and flat diabase rock, framed by windswept coastal pines.
The area is easily accessible and ideally both for those who want to sunbathe and relax and for those who are looking for a beautiful outdoor experience. Rotsidan expanse of cliffs are a popular destination on sunny summer days. Here you can lie on the warm rocks or hike along the coast to find the most perfect rock to take a swim from. But the rocks are as captivating as the winds begin to blow from the southeast. Adjacent to the parking are dry toilets and information. To the reserve, it is a wide path, partially boardwalked. Some roots and bumps in the trail. Nearby beach is a toilet adapted for disabled persons.


  • Handicap Accessible

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