CBIS 6633063
CBIS 6633063
CBIS 6633064
CBIS 6633065
The pure elements of pebble beach, sea and forest can be found in the clean design of this wind shelter consisting of large elements of pine.
Location: Rödhällorna, Lövvik
Co-ordinates: 62.8024167,18.1539728
Construction year: 2019

The large rock on the beach is the core center of this wind shelters design. The expression of the wind shelter reflects the beach's barren landscape consisting of stones of different sizes that meet the sea. The wind shelter is built to form cohesive lines from ceiling to floor. These lines are in harmony with the stones and lead the view out to the sea. Behind the large rock is a naturally protected place, where you can crawl inside.

The wind shelter is reminiscent of a stranded ship that rises from the ground and extends out to sea. The purpose of this wind shelter is to blend in more and more into the landscape in time. Thanks to the sun and wind, the wood will eventually get a natural shade of gray like the stones in its surroundings. Our hope is that for a long time the solid structure of the wind shelter will create a welcome protection for visitors in all weathers.

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