This trip is a short but superbly beautiful route past the High Coast’s most popular old fishing village and the island Högbonden with its lighthouse.

Gliding out from Bönhamn and crossing between all the small islets is so pretty it will take your breath away. From island to island, you can paddle through sheltered waters before you start on the last few hundred metres to Högbonden. When approaching Högbonden by kayak, it’s a good idea to go ashore about 200 metres south of the marina as it is a bit difficult to go ashore there. Even further south is a lovely stony beach with cliffs and views up towards the lighthouse. Wander up to the lighthouse and enjoy something to eat from the delicious café at the hostel. You might even want to stay the night. On the way from Högbonden to Barsta, watch out for waves coming from behind – they can either make paddling difficult or make it extremely easy if you can surf on them all the way in to the beach in Barsta. From there, follow the coast northwards back to Bönhamn.


There are almost endless of opportunities for kayaking in the High Coast. Here are some of our favourite trips in the High Coast.

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