The High coast in general and Nordingrå in particular are widely known for their high number of artists. There is no shortage here of art halls, galleries and renowned artists, and visitors are always welcome.


The magic of Nordingrå


Many artists have come to the High Coast and particularly Nordingrå to get inspiration through the years. There are plenty of creative artists in the area and in summer something special happens. The artists living in the area permanently open their studios to the public, and many other artists migrate here for the magical light that can only be found in Nordingrå. Take the time to look at their artworks at galleries and exhibitions, and keep an eye out for open studios as you travel about. The tourist route from Hornöberget to Ullånger is a good road to travel if you want to see lots of art. If you are in Nordingrå, make sure you don’t miss Mannaminne’s permanent exhibition of local artists’ work. Summer exhibitions are organised every year too. Read on to find out about some of the artists working in the area.

Artists in Nordingrå not to miss

High Coast Art Valley - a culture trail in the High Coast


The High Coast Art Valley offers a cultural experience that further enhances the World Heritage Site’s magnificence and genuine feel. The Nätterlund Foundation has put 25 works of art on display in the valley. The artworks have created a culture trail that stretches from the Ulvön islands all the way along the Nätraälven valley, which in addition to art and culture also has magnificent scenery. Combine culture and nature by, for example, renting an electric bike and feeling the wind in your hair as you enjoy the landscape and artworks.

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Art Halls


There are plenty of creative artists in the High Coast region. In the summers there are many permanently residing artists who open their studios to the public. There are also a number of art halls that are open all year round. Discover everything from local art to works signed by Matisse and Picasso. All art halls have free entry!


Härnösand's Art Hall

At Härnösand’s Art Hall you can look at current art as well as parts of the “Qvist Collection”, which was donated to the city of Härnösand by Nils and Elna Qvist.

Örnsköldsvik Museum and Art Hall

A visit to Örnsköldsvik Museum and Art Hall tells about the area's local history. The art hall is located in the middle of town, close to the sea, in a beautiful building from 1905.

Kramfors Art Hall

Right in the center, at a place where people meet, is Kramfors Art Hall. Here are collected art created by people living today. By artists who experience the world as it is right now. Arts and Crafts that interprets the life you live now.

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