Nature reserves

There are 112 nature reserves in the High Coast region with characteristic ancient forests, ravines rich in different species of plants and animals and endless cobble fields. You will also find Högbonden, a lighthouse island, Sweden’s highest island Mjältön and Rotsidan, one of the High Coast’s most well known nature reserves that is just waiting for you to come and explore it.

Nature reserves

Over 100 nature reserves


There are over 100 nature reserves plus a national park in the High Coast. In other words, there are countless protected areas to discover and they are all well worth visiting. Nature reserves are formed to protect the natural environment, preserve biological diversity, conserve valuable nature areas and species and to provide people with areas where they can enjoy outdoor life. Here is a list of some of our favourites. So put your hiking boots on, pack a lunch and get your map out and enjoy these fantastic places that have been created by nature and culture over thousands of years and that are now being preserved for future generations. Hike carefully!

Accessible nature reserves


There are some nature reserves accessible for everyone. Here are some tips of places that shows the greatness of this world heritage.


A selection of nature reserves

Map of all nature reserves

Here's a map covering all nature reserves in this region. At Västernorrland County Administrative Board's website you will find even more information and maps for every nature reserve in the High Coast.

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