Fiske i hav & sjö

Fiske i hav & sjö

Välkommen hit, ta dig ut till något av Höga Kustens många fiskevatten, tänd brasan, agna ditt spö och sätt igång. Fiskehistorierna får du stå för själv.

Fiske i Höga Kusten


Whether you are a beginner or a sport fishing enthusiast, you can find plenty of beautiful places to fish along the coast. Here are a few tips for recreational fishing in the High Coast. The stories you will have to come up with yourself.

The best fishing in the world

The High Coast is world famous for its fishing. This is where the Pike Challenge is held, one of Scandinavia's largest pike fishing competitions that attracts hundreds of participants every year. In Sollefteå you will find world-class salmon fishing that is so good you might have to queue to get a spot to fish from. And the sea offers almost endless possibilities for fantastic sea trout fishing in waters out from stony beaches where the trout love to spend their time.

Fishing in the sea is free, but you will need a licence to fish in most of the lakes. So welcome to the High Coast, go out and find one of our countless great fishing spots. It’s time to get your rod and lines in order.

Fiske detaljbild Höga Kusten
Fiskenät med spö och drag
Fiske höst Höga Kusten flugfiske

Fantastic sea fishing

The High Coast has great sea trout fishing along the stony coastline where trout love to spend their time. And you can do very well just by fishing with a rod from the beach. Try to get out in the spring when the ice has just melted, but as late in the season as early June you can come across large trout. You can also fish for perch, pikeperch and pike as well as other species. An adventure that promises wonderful experiences along our wild, beautiful and dramatic coast. Fishing in the sea is also completely free as you don’t need a fishing licence.

Sea trout

Some places attract more sea trout than others, for example reefs, points, stony sections of coastline and areas rich in kelp and open spaces with sand, pebbles or gravel – the so-called leopard seabed. There are plenty of these places along the High Coast. In the spring and autumn, the sea trout enjoy the onshore breezes that bring in warmer water. At these times of year, you can fish all day long but in summer your greatest chances are at dusk and dawn or during the night. Spin fishing and fly fishing are the most popular ways to fish for sea trout. Try your luck with whatever you have in your fishing bag. Streamer flies, long oblong spoon lures and wobblers can work well. Remember that the minimum length limit for sea trout is 40 cm along the High Coast. 
Fishing for sea trout is banned in the Idbyfjärden inlet from August 15 to October 31 each year.

Fishing for herring

Take the whole family on a fun fishing adventure and try your hand at herring fishing. A good tip is to fish for herring from the pier in Örnsköldsvik. Count on this kind of fishing to be both fruitful and fun all summer long.


If you are fishing from a boat or coastal rocks, make sure you wear a life jacket. Having a phone and friends with you also increases safety. Your friends can also serve as witnesses to back up the tales of the huge fish you catch. Sportfishing in the sea is completely free along the High Coast. If you are fishing in lakes or rivers you will have to check if you need a fishing licence. The easiest way to do this is to visit a local fishing shop where you can get lots of local tips as well as purchase a fishing licence if you need one.

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