Gliding silently through the water making no sound other than the paddles hitting the water is a totally magical experience. The High Coast has fantastic kayaking with open waters and several beautiful islands perfect for going ashore on.

Delightful sea kayaking

Delightful sea kayaking along the coast


It has become more and more popular to paddle a sea kayak along the High Coast. The ultimate outdoor experience, according to many, is gliding along soundlessly in a kayak in the company of good friends in the evening sun. That you are in a World Heritage Site just makes it even more amazing. The varied coastline with its many coves and inlets makes it almost impossible to finish exploring here. The archipelago with its many islands also offers protection from the open sea. But not always of course. Experience and planning are of vital importance when you are arranging your trip. Read on to find out about some of our favourite routes and things that will be good to know about when you are off on a kayaking adventure.

Where to rent kayaks and canoes

Tips before your trip


To make your kayaking trip more enjoyable, do not forget these simple things.

  • Sunglasses with polarized lenses to avoid the reflections from the water.
  • Water. Count at least 2 litres for drinking and some more for cooking.
  • Sleeping matress when you stop for rest at rock solid cliffs. 
  • Shoes to put on when you stop for rest.
  • Waterproof bags for packing, especially to keep your electronics safe.
  • Map and compass or GPS.
  • Lightweight towels are perfect for your feet and wet seats
  • Food, tasty food! When kayaking, you get hungry and the food should be tasty.

Some of our favourite trips

Good to know before you start


We recommend that you always contact one of the kayak rental outfits in the area before you set off to get some valuable local knowledge and advice, even if you are an experienced kayaker with your own equipment. With good local advice on board, you will greatly increase your chances of having a fantastic kayaking trip on the High Coast. Make sure you always stay aware of what the weather is doing and take your own fitness and experience levels into consideration when planning your trip. Sudden changes in weather can make a daytrip twice as long, and much more taxing both physically and mentally. Calculate your timings carefully and make sure you always allow for breaks.

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