Kramfors Höga Kusten Högbonden


Kramfors is located on the Ångermanälven river and is a charming little town surrounded by impressive scenery that nature has created over thousands of years.

Plenty to do here

Kramfors is home to music festival Skulefestivalen, Sweden’s highest island Mjältön, Mjältön, steamboat Ådalen III, guided tours at High Coast Distillery and Hotell Höga Kusten where you can wake up with a view over the sea and the famous bridge Högakustenbron. The archipelago has genuine old fishing villages, among other places in Barsta and Bönhamn where you can take a ferry out to Högbonden Lighthouse that has a hostel or to the picturesque island Ulvön. Swimming is best enjoyed from Rotsidan’s cliffs or the beach at Storsands havsbad. By the beach is Norrfällsviken with the restaurant Fiskarfänget, a camping ground, hotel and conference centre and a golf course.

In Ådalen you can find a lot of history and culture and in Norabygden there is a beautiful walkway with amazing views. Nordingrå is a cultural Mekka with studios and art exhibitions, plus cosy cafés and museums. Visit Mannaminne for a unique cultural experience. As said, there is plenty to do here!

Klättring Via Ferrata Skuleberget
Höga Kusten Båtarna båttur Höga Kusten Kramfors Ulvön
Box Destilleri High Coast Distillery Höga Kusten Kramfors
Mjälloms Tunnbröd Kramfors Höga Kusten Ullånger

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