Sollefteå Höga Kusten hällristningar Näsåker


Sunny climes is what the name Sollefteå means. And this area by the mighty Ångermanälven river, picturesquely framed by mountains and riverbanks, has attracted people throughout the ages.

All year round

This is a truly all-year-round town. Sollefteå is a fully fledged winter destination, with cross country and alpine skiing facilities and dog sledding. Every year, thousands of visitors come to Sollefteå to enjoy one or more of the town’s big events, such as the trucking meet Lastbilsträffen or the music festival Urkult with its unbeatable combination of music and beautiful scenery. In addition to relaxing in Sollefteå’s beautiful surroundings, you can treat yourself to a weekend at spa hotel Hotell Hallstaberget. In short, Sollefteå has both excitement and relaxation on offer all year round.

Sollefteå nipor äng
Ådalen Sollefteå älv

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