Örnsköldsvik Höga Kusten Inre hamnen


Welcome to Örnsköldsvik – a town of contrasts. Those of you looking for adventure and activity have a lot to choose from here, but you can also stroll about, relax and enjoy the fantastic selection of cafes, restaurants and shops that Örnsköldsvik has to offer.


A town of contrasts

A town of contrasts. Those of you looking for adventure and activity have a lot to choose from here. Hike a section or two of the High Coast Trail, go kayaking or cycling. The nature surrounding Örnsköldsvik is rich in variation with the coast, inland and forests. Spend some time in the archipelago on your own boat or one of the ferries that will take you out to many of the islands including the picturesque Ulvön. In addition to a number of beautiful parks and the archipelago, the town has previously been named town centre of the year, and it has been nominated again in 2018.

Örnsköldsvik has a wide selection of shops but also plenty of bars and cafes so you can eat and drink while shopping – and everything is close to the guest marina and the sea. Örnsköldsvik has great parks with treasure hunts for the kids. Playground in the middle of town and mini golf and a skate park within walking distance. You will also find Paradiset here – one of Sweden’s best adventure swimming complexes with a spa and restaurant. Örnsköldsvik is a foodie paradise with all kinds of things on offer from fermented Baltic herring to White Guide listed culinary experiences. The town can be seen as typical of the High Coast as it is made up of the contrasts between the town and the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Paradiset bad spa örnsköldsvik
High Coast art valley köpmanholmen höga kusten örnsköldsvik
Gammelgården i Myckelgensjö
källarbackens saga örnsköldsvik


Wander around, relax and enjoy Örnsköldsvik’s fantastic selection of shops. Both chain stores and quirky boutiques can be found here, along with cafes and restaurants.

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