Mountain viewpoints

Mountain viewpoints

Thousands of years of land uplift are behind the High Coast’s dramatic landscape with its many high mountains and fantastic viewpoints to visit. This is the place of views you will never forget.

Mountain viewpoints

The High Coast's greatest viewpoints


Here's your very own bucketlist of the place of views you can't miss out on and will never forget!


A mountain with a mystical past and vertical cliffs on one side. From the top you are greeted with panoramic views over the surrounding forests and sea. This view is probably one of the High Coast’s best. You can get to the top via hiking trails, climbing routes or a chairlift. The restaurant Toppstugan is on the peak.
Easily the High Coast’s most well-known view that has been reproduced by artists, photographers and tourists since time began. The steep trail to the top starts at the art museum Mannaminne.
A typical till-capped mountain in Nordingrå that with its 333 metres makes it Sweden’s highest coastal mountain. The village of Dal is at its foot. From the villages Håll and Mäland you can take a trail up to the top where you will find a small cabin.
Breathtaking views over the archipelago just outside Örnsköldsvik. A popular nature reserve close to the city that you can get to from Gullvik.
Amazing view over the mouth of the river Ångermanälven and the sea. To the east you can see the bridge Högakustenbron, out at sea is the island Storön and further up the coast you can see the Högbonden lighthouse. Trail from Lövvik. There is a cabin at the top that can be used to overnight in, plus an eco toilet and a barbeque site.

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