Mountain viewpoints

Mountain viewpoints

Thousands of years of land uplift are behind the High Coast’s dramatic landscape with its many high mountains and fantastic viewpoints to visit. This is the place of views you will never forget.

Mountain viewpoints

The High Coast's greatest viewpoints


The High Coast is unique for its land uplift and it is no wonder that so many beautiful viewpoints have emerged in our area through the millennia. The list can be made long on all the mountain viewpoints you have to discover, so it is difficult for us to make a top list. But here we give you a start of viewpoints not to miss out on. You will find even more further down the page.

Views showcasing the world heritage greatness

Viewpoints accessible by car


The nature should be accessible to all. Here we have some suggestions for mountain viewpoints that can be reached by car or bus that are excellent for disabled or those who have a hard time walking longer paths.

Views of forest landscape


Sea view sure is something spectacular, but there are numerous peaks further away from the coast that is well worth a visit for some beautiful scenery.

Even more mountain viewpoints to discover

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