Ulvön islands

Ulvön islands

Out here, you have the mainland behind you, and only open sea ahead. You’ll find yourself in an incredibly beautiful in-between land, with picturesque fishing villages, untouched nature and spectacular cliffs diving deep into the sea.

ulvön Open sea ahead

Open sea ahead


The Ulvön islands are the High Coast archipelago’s biggest tourist attraction with a fantastic cultural heritage thanks to the picturesque little houses, boat sheds and traditional wooden frames for drying fishing nets. This was once Northern Sweden’s largest fishing community and is often referred to as the gem of the Bothnian Sea, or Norrland’s Sandhamn.


Things to do on Ulvön

Take a walk along Hamngatan and soak in the atmosphere while admiring the iconic small red boatsheds. Don’t miss Ulvön Old Chapel, one of the Norrland Coast’s oldest wooden buildings dating back to 1662 with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings. We warmly recommend a walk up to the top of Lotsberget to experience the panoramic views over Ulvöhamn and the archipelago. For those interested in cultural history, a visit to the Ulvö Museum to learn about the island's rich history of fishing, fermenting herring and mining is highly recommended. There are plenty of activities for families at Ulvö Hotel – enjoy the heated pool, mini golf, beach volleyball and playgrounds complete with barbeque areas. A daytrip to the northern part of the island is also to be recommended, where you can visit Sandviken fishing village, the lighthouse or the swimming beach Norrsand.

Ulvö kapell

Tips // Kultur

Ulvö kapell

Besök ett av Norrlandskustens äldsta fiskarkapell från 1622, med fina vägg- och takmålningar.

Kultur & historia i Höga Kusten Ulvö kapell

Färja till Ulvön

Tips // Färja

Färja till Ulvön

Under sommaren avgår flera båtar dagligen som ger dig möjlighet att upptäcka Höga Kustens storslagna natur från vattnet.

M/F Ulvön, skärgårdsbåt, båttur, båt, tidtabell

Getting to Ulvön by ferry

The Ulvö islands are located about 30 km south of Örnsköldsvik and can be reached by ferry all year round from Köpmanholmen with M/F Ulvön. During the summer months, ferries depart several times daily. Another alternative is to take a trip through the archipelago with the ferry M/S Kusttrafik from Docksta, Ullånger or Mjällomslandet – departures are scheduled daily in the summer. The ferry journey takes 1.5 - 2 hours depending on where you depart from. Take the chance to experience the High Coast from the water. You can park your car in all the departure towns, with free parking offered in Ullånger, Docksta or Mjällomslandet. Parking fees apply in Köpmanholmen.



For timetables, bookings and other information, please visit the respective boat companies’ websites.

Frequently asked questions

Read on to see some of the most common questions about Ulvön answered.

How do I get to the island of Ulvön?

You can take one of the many ferries that travel between the mainland and Ulvön. Höga Kusten-båtarna depart from Ullånger, Docksta and Mjällom while Örnsköldsviks Hamn & Logistik depart from Köpmanholmen.

Where can I find a timetable for the boats?

Check out the websites mfulvon.se and hkship.se. Schedules are also posted at the InfoPoint at Ulvö Hotell and in the grocery store Ulvö Handelsbod.

Where can I eat on Ulvön?

Ulvö Hotell, Ulvö hamnkrog, UlvöByn – Café and Bistro and Almagränd. There is also a grocery store on the island: Ulvö Handelsbod.

Can I rent canoes on Ulvön?

Unfortunately not. But SUP-boards are available to rent at the harbor.

Can I rent bikes on the island?

You can rent bikes at Ulvö-kiosken +4670-626 00 92 or at Ulvöns glasskiosk (ice cream stand) +4670-382 22 31.

What is there to see on the southern Ulvön island?

The southern island has a nature reserve and pretty swimming coves. The bay Fäbodviken is a lovely place to visit. There is also an ancient fishing village called Marviksgrunnan that has a chapel and mine. From here, you can take a hiking trail to Ulvösundet.

I’m visiting the island for the day, what activities are suitable for daytrips?

There are several fantastic outings suitable for daytrippers, such as exploring the pretty main street Hamngatan, walking up the hill Lotsberget to take in the sweeping views, or taking a coastal walk to Röharn and Bysjön.

What about if I’m staying for longer?

If you want to stay a little longer you can explore the northern part of the island. Hike along the trail past Kvarnsjön out to Kvarnhusviken. Another hike goes out via the island's small villages to Sandviken, known for its pretty fishing village.

Where can I eat fermented Baltic herring on Ulvön?

Unfortunately there aren’t any restaurants on Ulvön currently serving this rare delicacy. You can, however, experience this iconic dish at the restaurant Fiskevistet in Skeppsmalen.


For more information on Ulvön, please visit ulvon.info (in Swedish).

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