Few places in Sweden have such undulating and varied terrain as the High Coast and what better way to explore it than from the saddle of a bicycle? Here are some favourite routes that you can choose from according to what kind of cycling you prefer.

Biking in the High Coast

Explore it from the saddle of a bicycle


Regardless of where you are in the High Coast, if you decide to cycle there will be plenty of places you pass where you can stay and eat. Here are some favourite routes that you can choose from according to what kind of cycling you prefer.

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Road biking


Roads more beautiful or varied than the ones around Nordingrå and out towards the coast would be hard to find. Wonderful asphalt roads wind past lush meadows, mountains, small lakes and coastal bays. If you start in Nordingrå, it’s easy to follow the road out towards Häggvik on the coast, continue on to Barsta, enjoy the hill down to Bönhamn and then continue on via Omne out to Norrfällsviken. Magical. The area is undulating but easy to cycle, it’s varied and finding good routes that loop back to where you started isn’t hard.


Another lovely country road loop that takes a little over two hours starts in Örnsköldsvik. Cycle past Hörnett and continue southwards past Bergom. Turn right after you have passed Bjästa. Continue on along the undulating road to beautiful Sidensjö Church where you turn right at the crossing and follow route 335 back to Örnsköldsvik. This is one of the better and more beautiful routes in the High Coast region and is popular among cycling clubs.

Two bridges

If you want to experience unbeatable sea views, cycling over the High Coast Bridge is a classic and unforgettable option. There are several ways you can work this into a looped route. The easiest is perhaps to start at Hotell Höga Kusten on Hornöberget, which is a good place to start and finish as it’s easy to park your car and you can enjoy a cold drink at the hotel bar when you finish. Another option is to cycle Ramvik-Lunde-Sandöbron or take the longer option where you follow route 90 towards Kramfors and on up to Nyland before you cross the river and go downstream via route 334 back to Hornöberget. Both these options have beautiful views and travel through charming countryside. The first is about 30 km and the second about 80 km long.

A few tips on riding areas


The area around Skyttis (swedish) has a wide variety of MTB trails that suits anyone. Here you can easily combine different trails for hours and hours of biking. Varvsberget in Örnsköldsvik is a mountain that you can take the lift up, so you can bike down. Roll directly from the platform at the travel centre to the lift, take it to the top, and be spoilt for choice on how to get back down again – there are trails in every direction.

Vårdkasberget (swedish) in Härnösand has two marked MTB trails for you to enjoy. Moreover there are almost endless oportunities for biking in the area.

Hallstaberget in Sollefteå is Emma Johansson’s home mountain and there are countless tracks and trails on and around the mountain. If you are looking for speed, take your road bike and do a few laps around the sealed roller-ski track.

In Nordingrå, in the heart of the High Coast, there are plenty of fun gravel roads to enjoy. You should really get a good map before you hit the roads in this area since there are no marked mountainbike trails.

Tips on MTB trails


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