Tourist Information

Tourist Information

Do you have any questions regarding your visit to Höga Kusten or do you need personal support? Just contact our Höga Kusten Turistservice advisors via phone or email.

Tourist Information

Get in touch

You can reach us by phone or email and you are always welcome to visit us at our Tourist Centre at Hornöberget in the summer (see where we are located on a map here). You can also find answers to our most frequently asked questions here. You can also visit one of our many InfoPoints located around the destination. Read more about our InfoPoints in the High Coast further down this page.

Phone: +46(0)771-26 50 00
E-mail: [email protected]


You can reach us by phone and e-mail

Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.
24/12, closed
31/12, closed
​​​​​​​6-7/1, closed


Opening hours at the visitor center at Hornöberget

Closed for 2021. Opens at May 2022. But you are welcome to visit the InfoPoint at Hotel Höga Kusten at Hornöberget.

Höga Kusten InfoPoint

InfoPoints in the High Coast

You can find information on the High Coast at our many InfoPoints and service points in the region. Almost all of our InfoPoints are located at accommodation facilities and larger points of interests such as museums and other tourist attractions. Places where you, as a visitor, often visit. An InfoPoint is a service concept that can create added value to visitors by providing simple tourist information. Personnel at InfoPoints can help you with the most frequently asked questions about the High Coast. You can find our InfoPoints on the map given below.

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Monday - Friday

10am - 4pm