The list of museums in the area is long. There is a wide range of both nature and art exhibited in the High Coast. From the south to the north, you can visit all kinds of museums ranging from Sweden's largest car museum to exhibitions that feature works by Picasso or illustrate the dark times when witch hunting took place in the area.

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There are plenty of museums to choose from. This probably isn’t so surprising when you think about the amount of variation found in the area’s nature and culture. There are places of interest for all ages, and visiting a museum is a great way to spend time together. It can be exciting, fun, arouse discussion, inspire and open your eyes to times gone by. Discover all the High Coast’s nuances!

Here are some must-see places

Start off at Naturum Höga Kusten


A great place to start your visit to the High Coast is at Naturum Höga Kusten located at the foot of Skuleberget. You will find all the neccessary information you need regarding the nature of this area, why this place is an UNESCO world heritage site and they also have exhibitions explaining the unique nature of the High Coast, and information on activities available in the area.

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More interesting museums

Find out about the "surströmming"


Ulvö Museum will give you insight into the cultural history of the Ulvön islands and the local people’s deep traditions of fishing and island life that still live on today. The museum is located in the old pilot house and consists of several well-preserved buildings, including a cookhouse and a fisherman’s family cottage. Ulvön is the perfect place to take a ferry on a summer’s day, you can eat well, take a stroll along the pretty village lanes and visit the museum to find out more about this island rich in cultural history. Free entry.

Another place to experience the culture and history behind the loved, and hated, Swedish delicacy "surströmming" is at Fiskevistet.

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