Enjoy some of the top picks of The High Coast by hiking. There are plenty of places to visit and hiking trails to experience if you enjoy the outdoor life.

Hike in The High Coast


Experience the High Coast’s highlights on foot. There are countless hiking trails in the High Coast region – ranging from popular well-known trails to forgotten paths. Here are some of our favourites that together take you past the High Coast World Heritage Site’s highlights.


Skuleskogen National Park is a fantastic place for hiking and adventures. You can hike both short and long stretches and there are plenty of unique places to visit and enjoy at your own pace. The national park has three entrances – the South Entrance, West Entrance and North Entrance. For a truly magnificent hike, you should start at the West Entrance. From here you can look forward to perhaps the most spectacular hiking in the entire High Coast. It isn’t the most difficult and it doesn't take you up the highest mountain, but you get to see almost all of the best, most unique attractions in the area in only one or two days of hiking. Deep forests make way for till-capped mountains, typical in this area, with their steep sides covered in wind-stunted pines struggling to survive in the red Nordingrå granite. Stampberget is really beautiful before you get to the steep path down towards Slåttdalen and then along the last bit up to Slåttdalsskrevan canyon. Don’t miss the side trail to Slåttdalsberget where you can soak in panoramic views over the coast and Sweden’s highest island Mjältön. Afterwards, hike down towards Tärnättvattnen which is the perfect place to spend the night, or continue down to Tärnättholmarna that is right on the water. From here, hike southwards via Näskebodarna to the South Entrance and then back along the river Ävdalsbäcken to the West Entrance. A complete High Coast experience in less than two days!

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Longer hiking trails

The High Coast Trail is a main artery in the area, stretching itself through the entire High Coast, over high mountains and through untouched nature. The trail is maybe the most popular among hikers, but the World Heritage Trail is an excellent alternative. This relatively new trail will take you past some of the High Coast’s most beautiful places such as Rotsidan, Bönhamn, Högklinten and Norrfällsviken. The World Heritage Trail joins the High Coast Trail in Nordingrå so you can easily combine the two trails for a complete hiking experience!

Day hikes in the High Coast

For those of you who don’t want to spend an entire summer week on the same trail, there are many shorter trails to explore. Take the chance to go on a fantastic day hike on the High Coast! Here are some tips to start with.

See tips on day hikes

Magdalena Forsberg

a secret tip!

Fäberget is a “secret” gem that I didn’t discover for many years. The mountain might become a popular place to visit now that it is being written about, but some more signposts and parking will need to be put in place. Or it might stay secret, you will have to do some research on the internet to find your way there. Fäberget is perfect for a quick outing. The hike is short and the views from the top are magic. It’s an incredible feeling to stand there and see Ullångersfjärden inlet spread out at your feet. You can maybe take a short evening hike here – pack a picnic dinner and enjoy it at the top.


//Magdalena Forsberg

Hiking with a guide

Are you a curious explorer but feel that you are lacking in the knowledge needed to go out on hiking adventurers on your own? Or do you want to make your next hike more interesting by learning more about the area you are hiking through and meeting new people? You might want to hike by day and spend your evenings in comfort with good food and crisp sheets, so you are fully rested for the following day. Regardless of what you prefer, there are guides that will happily accompany you on your High Coast hike.

Take the chance to hike completely without trails or maps with Höga Kusten Walkabout. You’ll get outdoors and see places that you’d never find otherwise. Höga Kusten Walkabout creates genuine adventure experiences in trailless terrain.

Kustvandrarna can organise tailor-made hikes of all difficulty levels in the entire High Coast region.

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