Go back in time

Go back in time

A journey back in time – let yourself be enveloped by the past



Time has literally left its mark on the High Coast, but not only on the unique landscape. There is a rich cultural heritage here with many well-preserved environs where time has stood still. Welcome on a journey back in time – let yourself be enveloped by the past.


In the village of Myckelgensjö in northern Ångermanland you will find one of the country’s best-preserved farms and homesteads, Gammelgården in Myckelgensjö. All 28 of the buildings here are on their original sites and when you walk through the gates you instantly find yourselves transported 200 years back in time and you can see how generation after generation has toiled on the farm.

Brynge cultural region

Experience part of the Swedish industrial era at Brynge cultural region. This area was the heart of the region’s industrialisation. With sawmills of national interest being built here from the mid 1700s, this is our earliest example of industrial history preserved in its original form. You can see different generations of industrialisation here, from using horses to modern hydro dams. The quiet and peaceful old power plant from 1924 is an excellent example of architecture of the era, and has a large art hall on the top floor.

Nämforsen hällristningar Höga Kusten

Gene Iron Age Farm

Travel back in time and experience life on a reconstructed Iron Age farm from the 500s at Gene Fornby. The reconstruction is the result of 12 years of archaeological excavations at a farm that is next to the reconstructed version. The farm was inhabited for 500 years from about 100 AD and was a wealthy operation that was possibly owned by leaders of the times. A large family lived here for many generations and farmed the land, growing crops and keeping domesticated cattle, hunting and fishing.


The rock carvings at Nämforsen in the Ångermanälven river are one of northern Europe’s most distinctive examples with approximately 2300 drawings carved into the rock right by the waterfall. The oldest date back 6000 years! The symbols of the northern hunters can be clearly seen here – mostly moose – through hundreds of generations, and there are also signs of contact with people from the south. The large collection of carvings, the dramatic riverbanks and the beauty of the powerful waterfall in the summer make Nämforsen an unbeatable cultural experience. While you are here, take the time to visit Nämforsen’s rock carving museum

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