Höga Kusten Norrfjärden Paddling Kajak

Norrfjärden inlet

Directly below Skuleberget is Norrfjärden inlet, one of the most popular inlets along the High Coast for kayaking. Thanks to its sheltered location, this trip is easier and is suitable for those with a little less experience. Start at Veåsand and paddle clockwise, crossing the inlet between Fanön and Värnsudden. On the way back you can paddle on the inside of the islands Storvalmen and Lillvalmen for some great photo opportunities. Finish the day by enjoying other activities around Skuleberget, such as climbing the Via Ferrata, hiking to the Toppstugan restaurant at the top of the mountain or enjoying a barbeque evening at FriluftsByn outdoor village.


There are almost endless of opportunities for kayaking in the High Coast. Here are some of our favourite trips in the High Coast.

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