Kubbe/Norrflärke canoeing trail

Kubbe-Norrflärke canoeing trail winds 17 km of mostly calm streams. Suitable for families with children. The trail starts at Djumyrforsen west of Kubbe and ends at lake Nysjön south of Norrflärke.

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The trail takes approximately 6 hours to complete and there are pleny of stops along the way. If you're lucky you'll see both mooses and beavers along the trail.

If you want to take a swim lake Flärken is a good option.

At lake Nysjön, stay away from the dam. Stay at least 100 meters away!

Canoe rental:
Björn Mårtensson, +46(0)70-241 26 32, +46(0)661-21024.
A total of 8 canoes are available.
Paddels and life wests are included.
Transport can be arranged or you can rent a trailer without any extra cost.

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