Skallberget mountain has an amazing view and a unique cave system with deep crevices to be explored by those who seek adventure. It's the ”Turistleden” (tourist trail) in the Skallbergsgrottorna that is prepared with ladders and is available for everyone.

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The Skallbergsgrottorna is definitely one of the more unusual experiences in the High Coast and Örnsköldsvik. If you are brave enough, this is the place where you can experience one the longest and most easily accessed caves in Sweden.

It was during the 1970s when the legendary Gustav Sjögren made sure that these caves were fully explored. He installed many ladders to make the caves and crevices more accessible to the public.
In 2007, Gustav's constructions were replaced by modern ladders and platforms. The total length of the cave is 230 meters. The so called ”turistleden” is well marked and takes about half an hour to crawl through if you do it in a leisurely pace. Necessary equipment is comfortable clothes, a torch or a head torch and a helmet. Helmets can be rented at Gideå Livs, phonenumber: 0663 400 50.

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