Bönhamn Kajak

Bönhamn Kajak

Discover the High Coast from the water.

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  • Adventure seekers
  • Couples
  • Environmentally conscious

  • Rental of outdoor activities equipment

Price information: Payment is made by bank transfer or cash on delivery. Single: 0-4 hour: 250 sek 1 day (09.00-20.00) 350 sek 3 days: 800 sek 1 week 1500 sek Double: 0-4 hour: 350 sek 1 day: 450 sek Friday night-Sunday: 1100 sek 1 week: 1900 sek Included: life jacket, paddle, a simple map and a cockpit cover

Road description : To find Bönhamn you drive to Nordingrå. From there, follow the signs to the Bönhamn. Once you get to Bönhamn it is the second house on the right side, Bönhamn 104. In the garage there is a big sign "Bönhamn kajak".


There are kayaks available both for sale and rent, trademarked DAG and Prijon.

From böhnhamn you can do short trips around Bönhamn or longer trips southwards to Rotsidan, Storön, Gaviksfjärden and towards the north to Norrfällsviken, Mjältön, Högbonden and Ulvön. Directly outskirts of Bönhamn there is the Högbonden Island with its lighthouse turned into a youth hostel.