Off the High Coast Trail, in a clearing near Småtjärnarna lake lies a wind shelter designed by Team Forest during Arknat 2019.

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Location: Småtjärnarna lake, near Örnsköldsvik
Co-ordinates: Approx. location 63.25611,18.63881
Construction year: 2019

The plot is somewhat hidden from the trail, but as you turn off and approach, you are greeted by a mature pine tree and a unique rock which mark the site’s centre. The rock tops a 2m drop to the forest floor below, and then the landscape falls away towards Veckefjärden, so one is drawn to stand on top of it and admire the view. Off-centred was conceived as means to enable one to experience multiple aspects of the site, highlighting its beauty and capturing key viewpoints.

The cabin is a semi-sheltered sleeping space for two, with benches that double up as beds. Its distinct roof form is derived from the position of the supporting trunk and signposts the site as a destination in its own right.