Restaurant at E4 in Docksta, near Skuleberget.

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  • Family
  • Handicap Accessible

  • Toa

Suggested visit length: <1 timme

  • Dinner served
  • Lunch
  • Uteservering

  • Free parking
  • Public transport


Selection of homemade cooking:
(NOTE: The menu is varied every day)

* Meatballs
* Beef stew
* Plaice
* Boiled cod
* Omelettes
* Sailor Biff
* Spaghetti - Meat Sauce
* Lasagna
* Cheese and Ham salad

Even barbecued and a la carte

2 pcs. discount system:

1. takeaways:
For dishes that cost 50:00-59:00 SEK pay SEK 50:00
For dishes that cost 60:00-69:00 SEK pay SEK 60:00, etc.

2nd Discount Booklet:
Every time you eat at Dockstabaren for at least 55:00 SEK you get a stamp.
When you have collected 14 stamps, is offered to you on a meal for more than 85 SEK or give you 85 SEK discount on any dish.
Entrance and toilet is accessible.
There is a service station next to the restaurant. There is ATG, video, food gas and a vending for refueling.

Tel: +46 (0) 613-400 02