Ferries & boat tours

Ferries & boat tours

Getting about the High Coast is easy, and the transport itself can be part of the experience. Ferries frequently depart a number of harbours, making it easy for everyone to explore the archipelago.

Ferries & Boat Tours

M/F Ulvön

M/F Ulvön depart from Köpmanholmen all year round with higher frequencies in the summer and multiple times a day. Tickets can be bought at the pier or on their website. With this boat you can go to the islands Ulvön, Trysunda and Strängöarna. Book a ticket and see the timetable here.

MF Ulvön

Höga Kustenbåtarna

M/S Kusttrafik

M/S Kusttrafik has traveled through the High Coast archipelago since 1972 and has since then transported over a half million passengers to Ulvön. The boat depart from Ullånger, Docksta or Mjällomslandet. From August, a three-hour cruise with live music and dinner will leave Örnsköldsvik and take you around the Örnsköldsvik archipelago. Book tickets and see the timetable here.

With M/S Ronja to Högbonden

This island is a true gem. This is where you will find Sweden’s second highest positioned lighthouse! The cliffs here are barren and rise sharply out of the sea, with the lighthouse sitting like a jewel in a crown. The lighthouse keepers’ cottages are used as a hostel today. You can get here by ferry from either Bönhamn or Barsta. More information and timetables here.

Högbonden Fyr

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