Ferry to Ulvön & Trysunda

Take the ferry to Ulvön to complete your visit in the High Coast of Sweden. The ferries depart from Docksta, Ullånger and Köpmanholmen.


How to get to Ulvön and Trysunda islands


There are a few different ways to get to Ulvön and Trysunda islands. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ferries and boat tours to Ulvön and Trysunda. Due to the pandemic, it can be a good idea to book tickets in advance.


From where can I get to Ulvön island?

There are multiple departure harbors to choose from.

Höga Kusten Båtarna departs from Ullånger, Docksta or Mjällomslandet. You can get onboard from any of these three harbors. The ferry starts from Ullånger and travels by Docksta and Mjällomslandet before arriving at Ulvön island.

M/F Ulvön departs from Köpmanholmen

From where can I get to Trysunda island?

If you're going to Trysunda island you will have to travel with M/F Ulvön departing from Köpmanholmen.

Timetables and schedules

You will find timetables and schedules for the different ferries at their respective websites. 

Here  are the timetable for Höga Kusten Båtarna departing from Ullånger, Docksta or Mjällomslandet (to Ulvön island).

Here  are the timetable for M/F Ulvön departing from Köpmanholmen (to Ulvön and Trysunda islands).


The fees varies and depends on what ferry you choose and the age of the passengers. You will find the fees at the respective websites.

Fees for Höga Kusten Båtarna departing from Ullånger, Docksta or Mjällomslandet can be found here .

Fees for M/F Ulvön departing from Köpmanholmen can be found here .

Car parking

You can leave your car at any of the departing harbors. The car parking in Köpmanholmen is chargable. The car parkings in Ullånger and Docksta are free of charge and the car parking in Mjällomslandet is subject to a small fee. None of the ferries allows you to bring your car.

Book a ticket

Book tickets from Höga Kusten Båtarna here .

Book tickets from M/F Ulvön here .



The High Coast's archipelago is large and there are multiple islands for you to discover. Here's a good overview of the area.

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