Höga Kusten Friluftsliv Paddling Kajak Mjältön

Around Mjältön

Paddling around the island of Mjältön is a good daytrip that will take you around Sweden’s highest island. You'll need to start early in the morning and take a big lunch with you.

Start in Sund. To get here, turn off the E4 motorway at Skuleberget and drive past Käxed to get to Sund. Once in the kayak, paddle around Fanön. After this, head directly northwards so you are protected from the waves. Take the chance to look for moose, they usually go between the island and the mainland here. Paddle clockwise, sticking close to land, and go around the island until you come to the opening into the bay Baggviken which is one of the High Coast’s most beautiful bays and best kept secrets. Go ashore here and grab your lunch, take a hike to the top of the island and enjoy your food along with maybe the best view on the High Coast. Take your time here before you continue paddling southwards and return to Sund. You might want to take your tent and sleeping bag and stay the night on Mjältön. If you want a longer trip, you could start in Veåsand by Skuleberget Camping and paddle the first part along the northern side of the Norrfjärden inlet.


There are almost endless of opportunities for kayaking in the High Coast. Here are some of our favourite trips in the High Coast.

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