Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in the High Coast of Sweden is good for the soul, regardless if you are out quietly enjoying the scenery or enjoying an intense training session.

Glide along on skiis

Glide along on skiis


The High Coast has a wide range of excellent cross-country skiing trails. Swedish cross-country stars such as Ebba Andersson, Frida Karlsson, Britta Johansson and the club Sollefteå Skidor are proof of this. Several areas have ski schools that offer lessons. Keep an eye on where many of our local areas post updated trail status information. Here is a list of the areas that have been in the most focus over the years. The Stora Skidspårpriset (The Big Ski Trail Award) was given to the High Coast in 2018, a big congratulations to Vibyggerå Ski Club! 


Some of our skiing areas

There are many really good and well-prepared ski trails in the High Coast. Some of them are not only of national but international class. How does it sound to glide along the same trails that have been the training ground for both Ebba Andersson and Frida Karlsson? 


Skyttis outdoor area

Skyttis outdoor area is located in central Örnsköldsvik. In the area there are several different complexes for both winter and summer activities. There are prepared trails for all skiers ranging from beginners to elite athletes. All skiing trails at Skyttis have a fee. 



Hallsta Ski is an umbrella name for all the winter and summer activities on Hallstaberget in Sollefteå. This is the home mountain for many successful ski stars such as Ebba Andersson, Frida Karlsson and Britta Johansson. From the top of Hallstaberget there is a marvellous view of Sollefteå and the river and over 60 km of prepared ski trails. Take the time to spend a night at Hotell Hallstaberget and treat yourself at their spa. The ski trails can be used for a fee. You can find current information on trail status at längdspå


Härnösand's three cross-country ski areas

There are three cross-country skiing areas close to Härnösand. Bondsjöhöjden, Vårdkasberget and Högslätten. On Vårdkasberget in Härnösand, there are fantastic opportunities in both the summer and the winter. In the winter, you can ski on trails ranging in length from 2.5 km to 15 km; all of them covering lovely undulating terrain. Start at the centre at the top. There is also alpine skiing available here and a restaurant. In the winter, a link trail to Högslätten is also prepared making the longest trail over 30km long.


Latberget and Icktjärn

There are a few nice places for cross-country skiing in Kramfors. The ski tracks around Latberget and Icktjärn are among the most popular ones. Here you can find current trail status (swedish). Visit skidspå to show trail status for ski trails around Kramfors.

turåkning skuleskogen

Ski touring


In addition to the many lit or partly lit ski trails in the region, there are many prepared ski trails for those who like ski touring and spending a day out in nature. Pack a delicious lunch and enjoy yourselves! 


The terrain around Rutberget mountain

Rutberg in Örnsköldsvik is positioned high up and winter often comes early and stays well into the spring. There is a total of 25 km of trails and along the way you will find wind shelters and barbeque areas. A perfect place for the whole family to spend a day out on the trails.


Nätra fjällskog

It is hard to find a place that feels more like being high in the mountains on the High Coast than Nätra Fjällskog. This area, located just north of Skuleberget, is a fascinating outdoor area in both the summer and winter. It has wonderful nature and old, well-preserved cottages and barns from the days the area was used for grazing farms in the summers. It is high up so snow comes early and stays late into the spring. Nätra Fjällskog has magical ski touring trails through scenery that feels like you are out in the mountains. The combination of new snow, snow-laden trees and freshly prepared trails is hard to beat! There is a total of about 30 km of trails with eight lunch cottages and ten or so old farm cottages. Several of them are open and can be used to take a break or spend the night. On weekends and in the early spring you can buy warm drinks, sausages, cakes etc. at the cottage at Västanå. Read more about Nätra Fjällskog and how you can find your way here on Örnsköldsvik Municipality’s website.


Can be found at Skidspå – look up all the ski trails in the High Coast region and the status of the majority of them.