Fällsviks kapell och klockstapel-

Fällsvik Chapel

Welcome to the annual chapel service, the evening collection with songs and music, as well as baptisms and weddings.

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In 1873 there were seven crowns dedicated to renovate the chapel, a job which wasn´t done by the fishermen who were responsible for it, because in the early 1890´s the chapel became demolished. In a nearby boat house they had some pieces left from the walls and 1720 was engraved. In the current chapel are there some parts from the past.
In the summer of 1970 took the initiative to open air service at chapel hill, where the chapel formerly stood. At the coffee table collected 687 SEK and this became the basis for the bell tower, which opened the following year. The services became an annual tradition and is usually held the first weekend after midsummer.
The dream of building a new chapel became a reality - but it wasn´t aloud to look loke other ancient chapel. Thanks to donations and willing hands could Fällsvik chapel be constructed in 1977 and was inaugurated in July 1978.
Furniture and decorations are made and donated by individuals related to the district.