CBIS 3121694
CBIS 3121694
CBIS 3122273
CBIS 3122275
Camping & Stugby | Camping in central Kramfors. Cabins, caravans and areas for setting up tents.
There are toilet and shower facilities in some of the 4-bed cabins. There is a service building with separate toilets and showers, laundry and latrine emptying. There is also a large kitchen building with four kitchen, microwave and community center with cable TV.
All cabins are equipped with hot plates, cooking utensils and refrigerator. The area includes a kiosk and convenience store, mini golf, fishing and a swimming area with 3 outdoor pools.

NOTE: 7th day free of charge regardless of accommodation.


  • Shared kitchen
  • Child-friendly
  • Reception
  • Laundry opportunities

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