getsvedjeberget i Höga Kusten


On top of Getsvedjeberget south side there is tall cliffs. The cliff that reaches out fro the mountain looks a bit like "Predikstolen" in Norway and it has a wonderful view on several tops, on the sea and the coast.

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  • Äventyr & Fiske
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  • Free admission

Suggested visit length: 2-3 timmar

  • Free parking


Not far from the E4 and Skuleskogens Nationalpark south entrance, you find Getsvedjeberget.
From Veåsand and Skulebergets Havscamping you will find a marked trail that goes upp to the top and reaches the so called "Predikstolen". The amazing view over Norrfjärden is breathtaking.

The trail is marked and starts from Skulebergets havscamping.