High Coast Art Valley
High Coast Art Valley
High Coast Art Valley

High Coast Art Valley

The High Coast Art Valley offers a cultural experience that further enhances the World Heritage Site’s magnificence and genuine feel.

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So far, the Nätterlund Foundation has put 25 works of art on display in the valley. Some are completely freestanding, others are part of schools, banks, roads and cultural areas. The artworks have created a culture trail that stretches from the Ulvön islands all the way along the Nätraälven valley, which in addition to art and culture also has magnificent scenery.
Combine culture and nature by, for example, renting an electric bike and feeling the wind in your hair as you enjoy the landscape and artworks.

There are several places to stop along the way for coffee or food. The Art Valley’s centre is Herrgårdsparken in Köpmanholmen.

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