Section 1 Hornöberget-Lövvik

11,0 km / Advanced / 5-6 h

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The High Coast Trail starts at Hornöberget at the northern end of the High Coast Bridge. Here you can park your car for free during your hike. Inside the hotel there is a tourist information center that is staffed in the summer. It is possible to fill up on water at the start.

The High Coast Trail goes under the High Coast Bridge and follows the old coastal road from Hornöberget to Nyadal. Via Lövviksbron bridge it then goes over Svartnorasundet to Svartnoranäset and further over a couple of peaks before the section finish in Lövvik.


Get to the start

Transport: Bus stop Hornöberget E4

Bus timetables can be found at

The start is at Hotell Höga Kusten. Free parking available. Starting point: 62.803564, 17.951671.


Download the Höga Kusten app for maps in your phone.   


Places along the trail

Here you will find accommodation, restaurants, attractions and experiences along section 1 Hornöberget-Lövvik. We have also collected other accommodation such as cabins and shelters on this page.

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