Section 3 Gavik-Lappudden

9,4 km / Easy / 3 h


An easy section that runs largely on gravel roads with two nice detours to Älgaberget and Rödklitten mountains.

The section destination Lappudden is beautifully situated at the outermost tip of a headland that juts out into Vågsfjärden lake. Vågsfjärden is a telling example of the land uplift process. Despite its name, it has been a lake for 150 years. However, life in the water still bears witness to the past - although the surface is just over a meter above sea level, crustaceans that belong in brackish water still live.


Get to the start

Transport: No bus connections.

Section starts at GaviksTorpet B&B. Small parking lot available.


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Places along the trail

Here you can see accommodation, restaurants, attractions and experiences along section 3 Gavik-Lappudden. We have also collected other accommodation such as cabins and shelters at this page.

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