Section 4 Lappudden-Ullånger

14,6 km / Average / 6-7 h

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A short distance after the start of the section you can make a detour to Nordingrå where you will find services such as a grocery store.

The section destination Ullånger has a wide range of services. There is a grocery store, café, specialist shops and arts and crafts. Ullånger is also a hub for bus traffic and has a free commuter parking lot. There is also Ullångers Hotell & Restaurant and Cesars Pizzeria & Restaurant. During the summer season there is also a boat connection from Ullånger to Ulvön with the Höga Kusten Båtarna.


Get to the start

Transport: Bus stop Nordingrå Vallen (KRF).

Time tables can be found at

Section start is at Lappuddens Friluftscenter.


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Places along the trail

Here you can see accommodation, restaurants, attractions and experiences along section 4 Lappudden-Ullånger. We have also collected other accommodation such as cabins and shelters at this page.

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