Junsele. slalombacken.
Vy över backen och Betarsjön
Slalom starten
Slalombacken liften
USM-kval Toppenstugan
Liften o Betarsjön
Toppenstugan, Hamptjärnsbacken Junsele

Junsele slalom slope

Junsele ski slope Hamptjärnsberget is skiers paradise fpr alpine and cross-country. Hamptjärnsberget slopes towards Ångermanlands largest inland lake Betarsjän.

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Opening Hours : Tuesday and Thursday: 18:00-20:30 Saturday and Sunday: 11:00-15:00

Price information: Daycard: 140 SEK/person Eveningcard: 70 SEK/person Weekendcard: 250 SEK/person Weekcard 500 SEK/person, 1000 SEK/family Seasoncard: 600 SEK/person, 1200 SEK/family


Take the lift up and ski down two slopes with a length of 400m and a vertical of 105m.

A cabin can be found, "Toppenstugan", with seats for 70 sitting persons. During winter season there's homemade bread, hot dogs, pan pizza, toast, candy and varm and cold beverages being served.

You can travel with car to the cabin. Ski rental on resort, talk with the serving staff.