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The site Nola Jola along Gula Leden Trail offers a magnificent and almost overwhelming panorama. There are high and low vegetations as well as different levels of stone surfaces around this area. Our intention is to frame these situations by enhancing specific qualities that allow visitors to stop by and experience.
Location: Along Gula Leden Trail
Co-ordinates: 63.302269, 18.657357
Construction year: 2018

By placing a series of horizontal and vertical panels, the site is divided into zones to offer different spatial experiences. This allows opportunities for multiple groups of visitors to use it at the same time. The walls and floors also become extensions of the natural elements on site, the stones and trees.

There is a place to lay down in a bed of moss, looking up towards the tree crown of “the mother tree”. There is a passage way with changing frames of views as you move forward, opening up to see the wood/paper factory and eventually the start of the sea. As you turn around, your vision suddenly opens up towards the town and the lake. You will also find the BBQ grill which has always been there. Peeking through the wall on the side, there is a seat for one person alone or a couple, looking towards the horizon through big and small trees. Around the other side of the main viewing frame, you can sit with your loved ones watching sunset. A covered shelter is hidden on the other side of the passage way, offering a more protected and cozy space from the changing weather.

We hope that you will find your favorite spot in the maze.

A maze thing would not be realized without the help of amazing people.

Martin Törnquist, Umeå School of architecture, Sverige
Lucas Scheffer, Trondheim School of Architecture, Norge
Alicia Lu Lin, Bergen School of Architecture, Norge
Alexander Angrén, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Sverige
Rut Näsman, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Sverige

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A-Maze-Thing is located along Gula Leden Trail just below the television/radio transmitter on the trail towards Själevad.

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