CBIS 4742492
CBIS 4742492
M/S Ådalen III

M/S Ådalen III
Det här företaget har GULD-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

Enjoy a large buffet with all kinds of fish and delicacies whilst cruising in the archipelago of the High Coast of Sweden.
The tour list offers both day and evening trips and there is always a possibility to have a buffet table.

A few times during the summer, guided tours are organized with local guides, and these tours are presented in advance.

To be sure of getting a seat on the boat, you should book a ticket in advance. If you have any special requests regarding boarding, special costs, it's important to notify you when booking.

Payment of the boat trip as well as a buffet will take place at the boardwalk when departing. While boarding the line may stack up so therefore cash is preferred. Card payment is accepted, but cash is preferred only upon boarding.

M / S Ådalen III holds a total of 242 passengers.
The restaurant has 96 seats, in cafeteria on upper deck there's 36 seats, on quarterdeck there's 60 seats and on front deck about 16 seats. There are plenty of extra chairs that are used diligently in beautiful weather, allowing passangers to sit outside.


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