Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum
Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum  i Näsåker, pilspetsar
Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum  i Näsåker, Rekonstruerade föremål
Utsikt från prästnipan vid Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum
Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum

Rock Art Centre of the north

Visit the rapids at Nämforsen in the river Ångermanälven to see one of Northern Europe’s largest and most distinctive rock-carving sites.

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  • Äventyr & Fiske
  • Rainy days
  • Family
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Par
  • Grupper

  • WiFi
  • InfoPoint
  • Free admission
  • Toa

Suggested visit length: 2-3 timmar

Opening Hours : 15 Jun - 15 Aug tue - sun 11-17 closed at Midsummer Other times by arrangement.

  • Free parking
  • Disabled parking
  • Bus parking
  • Public transport


There are some 2,300 carved figures and lines on the islands of Notön, Brådön and Laxön and near-by shores. The oldest were engraved into the rocks about 6000 years ago. This huge collection of rock carvings, the unique natural environment and the free-flowing rapids in the summer months make Nämforsen a world-class cultural site. Café, information, souvenir shop, guided tours.