In a forest clearing by the beach at Hålviken, Köpmanholmen, lies Skogsdunge. An alternative form of wind shelter designed by Team Sea during ArkNat 2017.

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Location: Hålviken, Köpmanholmen
Co-ordinates: 63.17965, 18.59312
Construction year: 2017

The idea behind Skogsdunge was to create an artificial forest, constructed of vertical elements stacked together in sections that together support the entire structure. “Floating” amongst the branches of the surrounding trees is a lightly protected den for two.

The floor of the den acts as a simple roof for the communal space beneath. Secreted between the artificial “trees” are places to sit, pathways and other obstacles to explore and enjoy the natural environment.

Conceptually Skogsdunge was created as a structure that connect with the forest clearing and its exposed position in the landscape. The result was Skogsdunge. This wind shelter was formerly called Motte.

Johanna Nordin, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sverige
Jonna Koivuranta, Oulu School of Architecture, Finland
Jiajun Lu, Bergen Architecture School, Norge
Jonatan Urpiala, Umeå School of Architecture, Sverige
Saimi Järvinen, Oulu School of Architecture, Finland

Visit the site:
From Köpmanholmen drive towards Hålviken. Skgosdunge is located by the beach with parking just 50 meters away.

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