Der Skuleberget
Der Skuleberget
Der Skuleberget
Der Skuleberget


10 500 years ago, the mighty icesheet melted and the landscape of the High Coast appeared. Back then, the peak of Skuleberget was only a small island in a big ocean. Today, the mountain has risen 286 meters above the sea level. The view from the top reaches far over the sea and the World Heritage.

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Suggested visit length: One day

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Skuleberget has the world's highest coastline with its 286 meters above sea level. With its uniquely elevated moraine cap, this is a common place to visit in the World Heritage.

There are three hiking routes to get to the top; "Södra Bergsstigen" the southern path which is 2,5 km, "Östra Bergstigen" the eastern path which is 2,5 km and "Grottstigen" the steeper 1 km long path moving along the wall of the mountain. At the top, there is a cabin where you can buy a lighter lunch and "fika".

Download a map over Skuleberget.

It is possible to get to the top with a skilift. It will take approximately 8-12 minutes to get to the top.
Information about the skilift "Skulebergets linbana".
It is also possible to climb up the mountain with ViaFerrata. No prior knowledge is needed, nor physique beyond the ordinary. There are four different paths of difficulty with challenges for all.

By the foot of Skuleberget you will find Naturum Höga Kusten. Here you can learn more about the history beyond the geological processes through a colorful exhibition telling the story about the World Heritage and how the landscape was shaped since the icesheet melted 10 000 years ago.

At the location there is also a popular stage called "Skule Naturscen" which arranges many different conserts, one of them the popular "Skulefestivalen".

At the southern side of the mountain there is a camping called FriluftsByn. FriluftsByn is a gathering point offering many aktivities and experiences for the adventure debutant, as well as the experienced one. FriluftsByn is the perfect bas if you want to enjoy the unique nature of the World Heritage. You can live comfortably in one of the cabins, or bring your own tent or camper.

On the opposite side of the E4, by the beach "Veåsand" there is a camping called "Skulebergets Havscamping". Skulebergets Havscamping is located right by the ocean with room for 42 campers. There is access to servicehouse with shower, toilet, and possibilities to do the dishes.