Högsta kustlinjen på Skuleberget 286 meter

Facts about the High Coast

Here we present some interesting and fun facts about Höga Kusten.

Number of beds (total): around 1,500
Number of hotels: Örnsköldsvik: 6, Sollefteå: 1, Kramfors: 4, Härnösand: 4
Number of cottages: approx. 240
Hiking trails in km: The High Coast Trail (130 km), The World Heritage Trail (100 km), Niptrail 27 (km), Gula Leden (6 km), Arnäsleden (70 km), Omneleden (6 km)
Number of alpine slopes: Latbergsbacken Kramfors, Sku - leberget Kramfors, Hallstaberget Sollefteå, Vårdkasberget Härnösand, Bjästabacken Örnsköldsvik, Åsbacken Örns - köldsvik, Solberg Örnsköldsvik
Winter activities: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoe hiking, dog sledding, ice fishing.
Summer activities: hiking (day tours and longer hikes), fishing, climbing (Via Ferrata, sport climbing, bouldering), kayaking and canoeing, cycling, explore the islands, boat tours, visit nature Reserves and national parks. The Car museum and Boat Museum. Fermented Herring Museum. Myckelgensjö Fäbodar. Genesmon Ironage settlement. Naturum Skuleberget. The Västanå waterfall. Arknat art and High Coast Valley Art. The cave of Skallberget.

Hiking trail lengths

We have many kilometers of hiking trails in the High Coast.

129The High Coast Trail
100The World Heritage Trail
27The Nipleden Trail
20The Härnöleden Trail