CBIS 6701522
CBIS 6701522
Åsberget is located in the town of Örnsköldsvik and has amazing views of the city, countryside and sea from its peak. This is where you will find Gulaleden - the Yellow Trail – a 6-km long hiking trail that was created during the last ice age. Hike between enormous blocks of stone, over cobble fields, past steep cliffs dropping into the sea and over polished coastal rocks.
The Yellow Trail is close to town, six kilometres in length and was created by two powerful forces of nature: The inland icesheet and quiet yet persistent outdoor enthusiast Erik “Älgen” Sjödin. The trail is named after the yellow trail markers. There are several paths you can use to connect with it. Along the trail there are several wind shelters and picnic spots. Close to the top you’ll find the architecturally designed wind shelter A-Maze-Thing from the festival of architecture Arknat. A total of nine unique wind shelters from Arknat are located in the High Coast region. NB! The trail runs close to steep cliffs so please keep a watchful eye on any children with you.

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