Ytterlännäs gamla kyrka
Ytterlännäs gamla kyrka
Ytterlännäs gamla kyrka

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Opening Hours : Guided tours of the church is available during summer. During other time, see website for more information.

Road description : The church is located between Bollstabruk and Nyland, road 333.


A medieval gray stone church which is probably from the 13th century. During the 1400s the vestry and porch were built. The extraordinarily rich interior makes the church one of Norrland strangest. To the overwhelming impression contributes bleachers on two floors, beautifully painted and sculpted. The church is known for its beautiful paintings on the ceiling.

During the summer months you can find trained guides at the church.
Music every day at 11:30 and 15:00. Serving in the coffee house, waffles, chocolate cake, apple / rhubarb pie. Lactose-and gluten-free are available as options.

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