Arnäsleden is one of the most easy to walk and family-friendly trails in the High Coast. It extends over a total of 70 kilometers divided into 8 stages. The trail goes in a circle around Arnäs parish.

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Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Low

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  • Adventure seekers
  • Family
  • Couples

  • Tour

Suggested visit length: Several days

  • Free parking
  • Public transport

Road description : The hiking trail starts in Arnäsvall but you can start and finish your hike pretty much everywhere. There are good parking facilities in Arnäsvall and at Mosjöns Camping.


The trail is culturally and historically interesting and offers a lot to see and discover. The trail is mostly easy to walk and does not contain any really demanding stages. But the trail passes some mountain views that you should definitely make a detour to. Walking the Arnäs Trail is like walking through a kind of time machine, through primeval forests, past small villages and summer pastures, beaches, preserved cultural landscapes and also past Sweden's longest tunnel cave, Räckeberg Church.

It can be walked in stages in any direction. The trail consists of paths and dirt roads that used to connect villages and summer cottages with each other and with the parish church. The trail passes agricultural areas, forests, lookout mountains, fishing waters, summer pastures, bathing places, caves and mills, etc. Accommodation options along the trail are available in various standards from the simplest windbreaks to camping cabins and nice places to camp.

Photo: Siv Bylund